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Hi. We're Squared. Meet the team.

Full Service

We cover nearly any service imaginable when it comes to Real Estate Media. We also have the skills and knowledge to offer many custom tailored services to our customers.

Competitive Pricing

We maintain competitive pricing especially when considering our level of quality and personal customer service! We offer discounts for high volume clients and offices.

Areas of Service

We cover huge population centers in both California and Texas.

California- From San Diego to Santa Barbara & everything in-between.

Tennessee- From Nashville to the East TN Border

People love us

With 1000's of shoots under our belts, we could safely say people love us. We have been able to dial-in our services for the experiences and knowledge gained. Try us and see why we build such great relationships with our clients.


We only use the highest quality equipment. We are constantly updating our gear to insure our clients get the highest quality media.

In-house Trained Team

A well trained team means excellent availability and reliability for you! The team is fully trained by Owner Tyler Good. The Team is taught the same fundamentals and tricks that made us so popular and loved by our clients. Our team is overtrained and over prepared. 

The Team:

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